Data Center Trends, Containers

Containers (Physical)
B.Short term delivery
C.Trailer/modular building blocks
D.Minimized capital expense
A.Uniform building code acceptance
B.Planning board/zoning board review/approval
C.“Tractor trailer” concept
D.Data center long term work flow consideration
E.ADA accessibility

Data Center Trends, Cloud Computing


Here is the last of the Trends highlighted in Mark Evanko’s latest and greatest AFCOM Presentation. We will keep posting from this presentation as it is a wealth of knowledge if you missed it in person! Take a look at Mark’s notes on Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing


A. Fast delivery of “IT” services including hardware, software, and network

B. Decreased capital cost of computer hardware, computer software, network, and facilities

C. “Instantaneous” increase in bandwidth planning

D. Decreased electrical utility cost and facility maintenance (assume off site)

E. Access to latest “refresh” of technology

F. Emerging technology

G. Internal vs. external clouds

H. Many vendors


A. Network security of information

B. Control of operation

C. Legal contract terms and conditions

D. Fees/costs associated with cloud

E. Definition of “total cost of ownership” of the cloud

F. Network/data center liability $$

G. Financial strength of “partner”

H. Candidacy of common platform application

Why Does Security Matter?

Here is the next snippet from Mark’s latest presentation at AFCOM 2015!

Why Does Security Matter?

1) Liability, Liability, Liability

2) If corporate, what are the board of directors responsibility to the stockholders?

3) If academic/university, what are the trustees responsibility?

4) If non-profit, what are the board members responsibility?

5) If government, what are the administration members responsibility?

6) Hospital / healthcare:

A. Patient care records?

7) Stock trading


3 Key Items Learned from Mark’s AFCOM Presentation

3 Key Things You Have Learned During Mark’s latest AFCOM Presentation
1. The sixteen (16) total elements to be considered in developing a short/long term enterprise data center solution.

2. How the physical data center facility “combine” with a cloud, co-location, and/or container solution.

3. How the total cost of ownership relate to risk.

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How Did You Hear About Us?

Hi there! Today we are wearing our Marketing and SEO hats and we are kicking around some thoughts. If you are reading this then you are dialed in…you have found us and are hopefully getting to experience the BRUNS-PAK Data Center Solution and/or leaning on us as a resource for all you Data Center worldly needs. And we couldn’t be happier of course, but we are wondering how you found us? Did you search Data Center Design and Engineering services online? And if you did, was our Ad there waiting for you? And if you didn’t see us listed there then we want to know!

We want to know how you searched…what you searched….when and why! We know that BRUNS-PAK has the answers for any and all Data Center related projects, so we want to make sure that we position ourselves appropriately. So again, if your reading this then we have given you the solutions, the experience and the answers to your Data Center questions and we want to know what the road was like getting to them!

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Preview of Executive Considerations for Data Center Enterprise Solutions in 2016 and Beyond

Good Morning! We are excited to give you a little preview of the agenda for Mark Evanko’s presentation at AFCOM Data Center World Global 2016. Mark Evanko will be presenting at Mandalay Bay Convention Center:
“Executive Considerations for Data Center Enterprise Solutions in 2016 and Beyond”. Session: #ITM 1.1…Thursday, March 17, 2016 @ 9:15AM. Also, visit BRUNS-PAK at Booth #124 on the Show Floor!
Here is some of the agenda for Mark’s presentation. Don’t miss it! This is vendor neutral key information for Data Center decision makers!
  • Board/Trustee/Senior Management Considerations regarding a Data Center Enterprise Solution
  • Perceptions of recent 2016 and beyond Data Center Trends
  • The Data Center Solution Mix – “The 16 Elements Data Center Imputs” – Total Cost of Ownership vs. Risk
  • Dominating Data Center Enterprise Impacts – Cloud/Co-location/Network and Beyond
  • Liability
  • Recent Cloud/Co-location/Network Announcements and More!!!

Mark is also Moderator to:

Session: #EQ1…Tuesday, March 15, 2016 @3:45PM

Fun Facts about Speaker Mark Evanko at Data Center World New Orleans 2016

We are looking forward to hearing Mark Evanko present at Data Center World Nola 2016!! He is scheduled to present on Wednesday, September 14th at 9:40AM. Session FOM 3.1, title of Session “ Data Center Enterprise Trends 2016”.
Here are some fun facts about Speaker Mark Evanko, BRUNS-PAK
Speaker Name, Company and Session Number:  Mark Evanko, BRUNS-PAK, FOM 3.1
1. What is your favorite movie?  “Blazing Saddles”
2. What is your favorite food?  Sauerkraut
3. What is your favorite hobby?  Calculus
4. Favorite quote?  The transitive postulate of integral and differential Calculus is  
5. What advice would you give to someone just getting started in this industry? (Go to Data Center World!) 

Data Center Enterprise Trends in 2016

Good Morning! We received incredible feedback from Mark Evanko’s presentation of “Data Center Enterprise Trends 2016” at the recent Data Center World conference in New Orleans. It is important for us to continue to present the information from this timely and relevant presentation to our clients, community members and Data Center facility decision makers. Over the next few weeks, we will break down Mark’s presentation in small parts so that we may post, share and highlight the information. Below is the summary of contents outlined in this presentation and the agenda so you can see what is coming! #datacenter #solutions

Data Center Enterprise Trends 2016 Learn about the most recent data center enterprise trends, which include: where to locate data centers, how to secure data and have provisions for financial and operational recovery in the event of a breach; “candidacy” of applications; total cost of ownership vs. risk; and updates to the 16 elements of a hybrid data center solution.


The “2016 and Beyond” Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally
II. The Comprehensive Elements of the Data Center Solution Mix
III. The Provisions and Considerations That Enterprises Are Making to “Protect and Provide” Recovery in the Event of Downtime and/or a Data Breach
IV. The Exploration of Different Types of “Data” and The Impacts of Candidacy
V. The Reason Why Data Security Is So Important
VI. The Total Cost of Ownership vs. Risk Balance to Provide Best Practices for the Enterprise Data Center Solution
VII. Closing – Summary – Recap

Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally

During his latest and greatest presentation, Mark took us through Global Data Center Trends. Today we will highlight the first 10 of those trends:

The “2016 and Beyond” Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally

1) Data center enterprise solutions are trending more to comprehensive “hybrid” solutions encompassing: – Cloud Computing (external and internal) – Co-location – Data center maintained facilities
2) “Non-critical” data center applications/data migrates to cloud/3rd party providers.

3) Significant focus on “data breaches” and the corresponding liability: – Where is data stored? – Who is liable? – What are the “liability” terms?

4) Impacts of government/regulatory agency laws associated with liability of data: – Healthcare – Banking/Finance – Retail – University – Non-Profit – Classified/Top Secret – Research – Military – Automotive/Electronics/Driverless Vehicles – Tax Returns/Social Security

5) Government/judiciary access to the “iPhones”.

6) Continued pressure on enterprise data centers to reduce “CAPEX” and optimize “OPEX”.

7) “Just in time” data processing expansion that minimizes delivery to enterprise.

8) Energy efficiency – DCIM

9) Deployment of high performance computing.


Next week we will release the trends 11-22 outline in Part I of Mark’s presentation. To view the complete presentation, sign up for our White Papers/Presentations!

Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally, Continued…

We gave you 1 – 10 of the Global Data Center Enterprise Trends being observed in 2016, now here is #11 – 22 on Mark Evanko’s list from his latest AFCOM presentation:

11)Data center consolidation

12)Growing: The focus of risk to the enterprise/brand.

13)Continued focus on “short term” financials.

14)Board/trustee increased involvement in the data center enterprise solution.

  • Liability

15)A scalable/flexible/modular data center enterprise solution.

16)A heightened awareness:

  • Data center downtime
  • Data security breaches
  • Liability
  • Brand impacts

17)Communication/data transfer:

  • Immediate
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Learning

18)Current 2016+ (Uptime Institute 2016 Survey)

  • 71%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently sitting in enterprise data centers.
  • 20%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently sitting in colocation data centers.
  • 9%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently deployed in cloud.

19)Synchronous data replication of critical systems.

20)“Internal” OPEX costs (30 year) of data center enterprise solutions.

21)The use of “all” with data analytics.

22)Enterprise analysis of “hybrid” data center solutions.

Facility Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency highlighted from the 16 Elements of a Data Center Hybrid Solution

Here we give you thought leadership at its best. We would like to begin to breakdown the 16 Elements Considered in the Data Center Hybrid Solutions as outlined in Mark Evanko’s latest presentation. To view the full presentation, sign up Presentations / White Papers

1) Facility Infrastructure

A. Architectural

B. Civil

C. Electrical

D. Fire Protection (EPO Code Change) – Update NEC/NFPA vs. Factory Mutual

E. Mechanical – CFD Models

F. Security

G. Site

H. Structural

I. Geographic Regional Considerations… i.e. southwest hurricanes, west earthquakes, etc.


2) Energy Efficiency

A. ASHRAE 9.9 – Higher Inlet Temperatures  80° F  90° F  t of 20-25° F

B. Containment  Hot Aisle  Cold Aisle  Impact to people


 Gartner “Magic Quadrant”  Per data centre (UK)

a. Reduction in costs b. Integration c. Valuable insights d. Increased productivity e. Environmental benefits

D. CFD Models  Why  Updates

E. Submerged Data Center Solutions  Microsoft

F. Outside Air to Cool Data Centers

G. Virtualization of Servers

H. LEED – New Data Center Guidelines  Written to save “dollars” and be more green  Office of Management and Budget to create a strategy  DOE and EPA to study server and data center efficiency trends  New “data center energy practitioner program”  New “metrics”  Data center LEED guidelines – New – LEED v4 – October 2014 US Green Building Council (USGBC)

I. Unity (close to) Power Factors on UPS Systems

(I’m thinking Mark likes to list items up to the letter “I”) 🙂

12 Days of Merry Mark Evanko…isms

In festive holiday spirit we’d like to share with all of you, 12 Days of Mark Evanko’isms! 12 Days of personal attributes, quotes and one liners from our one of a kind Principal, Mark Evanko!

Day 1: Today we would like to highlight the term in which Mark introduces himself in meetings, conferences, presentations etc: “Mark Evanko, a Paranoid Schizophrenic Conservative Engineer”

Day 2: Mark Evanko is a gentleman and does not use profanity. Here are some of our favorites: “We’re gonna be in deep sneakers!”
“He’s a Cone Head.”
“Tell him to go jump in a lake!”

Day 3 – how Mark expresses the chaos and uncertainty of the day to day:

“Its a Goat Rodeo”
“Its a Violent Doo Loop”
“I’m Confused”
Day 4 – I need to find out, in what context have these phrases been used? lol:
“If he fell off a turnip truck….”
“Strike Up The Band!”
“The dog married the cat.”
Day 5 – This one made the list twice:
“We want it cheap!”
“We like it cheap!”
Day 6 – Not kidding when he says hes paranoid:
“They’ll eat our lunch.”
“They will assassinate us.”
“I’m going to be in a firefight. Its going to be a war!”
Day 7– Steers his ship with positivity!
Congratulations! Thank You!
I’m having a great time.
Day 8 – Again some creative language to avoid using profanity:
Lord love a duck!
Horse Feathers!
Day 9 – afew more gems….
Share your vegetables!
This is a Torture Test.
We don’t want our guys upstairs hatching Walnuts….
Day 10 – You would hear these quite often in meetings:
I’m going to cancel all of my meetings…
The bottom line is….
I can run with this.
Day 11 – This was #1 on the list:
I’m not from Harvard but…..
Day 12 – My favorites:
Whats up?
He’s Wounded.
He has a knot in his shorts.

You just endured a large effort to convert to the Cloud…

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How to accurately model expected Cloud Capacity & Network Bandwidth Fee’s & Charges

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Finally, a solid IT Roadmap

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Hardening the Last Mile

Great read that we’d like to share!

by Mark Vanderbeek on January 9, 2017

The “Last Mile” refers to the last, local legs of communication that connect the user to the Internet. For universities and large businesses, this is the responsibility of the IT department. For most enterprises, dependency on the Internet has soared in recent history. Email has become the primary form of communication. Desk phones are almost all VoIP now. Instant Messaging, video conferencing, and desktop sharing have become indispensable tools.

The Cloud has further intensified this trend, with SaaS applications commonly being used for Sales, HR, ERP, File Sharing, Learning Management Systems, Marketing, Service Desk and an ever expanding list of other critical services……View full article here: