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Cloud/Data Center Solutions That Are Innovative Modular Scalable Flexible Efficient Cost Effective

Public, Private, Hybrid Solutions. Count on Us for Your Cloud/Colo Computing and Data Center/Edge Compute Integration Needs

In a world driven by technology, cloud/colo, datacenter, edge or “hybrid” solutions are front-and-center in the operations of virtually any organization. With all the changes in technology platforms, it is not surprising that data storage technology is evolving just as rapidly, making “Hybrid” data center solutions more stressful decisions that IT and facilities executives face.

At BRUNS-PAK, we work to relieve that stress.

BRUNS-PAK is a company of facilities and IT professionals who create robust design/build solutions for mission-critical cloud/colo/datacenter/edge solutions that balance ultra-reliability with QoS demands, storage challenges, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, capex control, and OPEX options. We have a legacy of over 6,000 successful data center projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe that have included cloud, colo, onprem, edge, and “Hybrid” solutions.

BRUNS-PAK has the answer!

Data Center/Edge Compute

OnPrem Data Centers: Centralized locations where computing and networking equipment is built to collect, store, process, and distribute large amounts of data.
Edge Compute: De-Centralized locations where IT processing is "closer to the edge".


On-demand availability of computer system resources without direct active management by the user.

Low Voltage

Power distribution models for mission critical facilities, simulating the integrity of the system.

Upcoming Data Center 2023 Symposiums


Data Center World
Austin Convention Center – Austin, TX
Mark Presented: “Data Center High Performance Computing (HPC) Challenges and Solutions”
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 10:00 – 10:50AM Eastern

AFCOM Presentation PDF

Baltimore Convention Center – Baltimore, MD
Mark Presented: “The Impact of Supply Chain Cost/Schedule and the New Solutions”
Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 3:00 – 4:00PM Eastern

  • Sustainability/ESG in Data Centers
  • The Impact of 5G in Data Center Planning
  • The Data Center “Hybrid” Solution
    • Cloud
    • Co-Location
    • Enterprise
    • Network
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Total Cost of Ownership vs Best Practice vs Risk
  • High Performance Compute and AI; Optimizing the Scalability
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic CFD Models and Optimizing Data Center/IDF/MDF Efficiencies
  • Cyber Security Impacts in Data Center Planning
  • Data Center Cost and Schedule Impacts

Mark S. Evanko, Principal, BRUNS-PAK Mark is the principal and one of the original founders of BRUNS-PAK. BRUNS-PAK’s 44+ year/6000+ project experiences in design/building high technology data center projects serve as the basis for the evolution of the ultra-reliable facility. Mr. Evanko continues to actively participate as a BRUNS-PAK project director integrating facilities with information systems in developing technically proficient solutions for the client. Over the years, Mark has chaired BRUNS-PAK’s business partner affiliations with major computer manufacturers and other major Fortune 500 service providers including: Dell, Accenture, IBM, OnX, The Gartner Group, CDW, Converge, Deloitte (Collaborations), AECOM, CBTS, DataSpan, WWT, Carter Validus, Vicom, SGI, Sine Nomine, SBC Consulting, and Cloudify. The business relationships have been founded on providing a technically proficient, ethical, and cost effective consulting service that avails the client to alternative “state of the art” solutions.

2022 Symposiums

AFCOM Interview With Mark Evanko on 5G

Moving Businesses Forward in 2023

In today’s world, businesses must identify entirely new strategies for the secure management of operations across a hybrid architecture composed of multiple public and private cloud providers, applications suppliers, and internal data centers.


We utilize program methodology and process for delivery of data center services that integrate short and long term IT plans with facility infrastructure.

Solutions For Your Business

Designing, engineering, constructing, and commissioning advanced computing and technology facilities.

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Another BRUNS-PAK Success Story

Here’s What it’s all About:
A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, with worldwide manufacturing, production and distribution facilities, engaged BRUNS-PAK to develop and design/engineer a global “best practice, state of the art, modular, scalable, flexible solution” for the enterprises emerging demands.  
The Challenge:
The Client’s global operations necessitate the need for IT solutions in often demanding environments. To respond to market demands, these typically require fast-track deployment. BRUNS-PAK was engaged to develop a modular, scalable and flexible solution that could be configured to meet the specific application need utilizing standardized components, suitable for installation in a variety of environments with minimal on-site construction, to provide rapid availability worldwide. 
The Activity:
BRUNS-PAK designed and engineered a self-contained rack enclosure that provides power, cooling, fire protection, BMS and security for the IT hardware that can be configured to meet varying Levels of Reliability. The units leverage existing rack-mounted UPS systems together with available in-row cooling technology. Clean agent fire suppression is provided together with a variety of security system options; ranging from key locks to the latest biometrics. 
The Results:
Working with manufacturers/vendors, BRUNS-PAK developed a ‘best of breed’ non-proprietary modular-scalable cost-effective worldwide solution. The ‘typical’ module can be configured from three to twelve IT racks; with redundancy options from ‘N’, N+1’ to ‘2N’ and capacity from 5kW to 60kW. Additional modules can be added as and when needed for growth. Deployment requires minimal on-site construction; power supply and heat rejection. Units can be installed virtually anywhere; warehouses, office space and on exterior pads.
How it Turned Out
“The cost to deploy this ‘Edge’ solution is less than 40% the cost of the traditional IT solutions deployment”

Provide a prefabricated/pre-assembled modular, scalable self-contained rack enclosure that incorporates Power, Cooling, Fire Protection, BMS, IT Infrastructure and Security that is adaptable to a variety of Levels of Reliability and Redundancy.

‘Drop-and-Go’ solution, with Global availability, suitable for robust environments with minimal local infrastructure modifications that offers a cost effective, repeatable solution with speed of deployment

*A NEMA-4 rated enclosure providing solutions from 5kW to 60kW, with three levels of reliability and redundancy, configurable from 3 to 12 IT rack enclosures.

*A manufactured component that can be ordered / delivered worldwide, that is ‘plug-n-play’ and can be installed in non-Data Center spaces (warehouses, office space, outdoors)

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