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Construction Management

Expert project management, contracting and on-site management.

Service Included

Management the Whole Way.

Comprehensive Construction Management and Administration

BRUNS-PAK’s design/build methodology utilizes extensive documentation to minimize client risk during construction, and introduces constructability considerations early in projects to avoid costly delays and change orders on-site. Our management process allows for open-book project delivery and accommodates unique client requirements such as pre-purchase of long-lead products and equipment.

"I have been impressed by the depth of their knowledge and the broad base of engineering and project management resources they have available in any given area of expertise.”

Construction Administration

A thorough commissioning process, including client personnel training, pre-functional checklist and functional performance testing, help brings projects to completion.


Classic follow-on service to observe construction generally follows design intent | Periodic site observations and interface with general contractor to address issues relative to interpretation of design documents | Establishes punch list to verify work in general conforms to contract requirements

General Contracting

Integrated design/engineering interface with expedient responses to RFI’s and shop drawings. Efficient transfer and update of the base REVIT/BIM models.

General Contracting

Lump sum/fixed construction cost | Defined schedule for completion | Sole source responsibility management and administration | Complete permit and certificate of occupancy process | Sole source warranty provider | Sole source liaison to architectural/engineering staff | REVIT/BIM coordination | Punch list and operation/maintenance manual close out | Commissioning integration

Why Management?

  • Introduces constructability considerations
  • Accommodates owner requirement to pre-purchase long lead products and equipment
  • Allows for open book project delivery methodology
  • Maintains continuity of design and construction teams

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