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Data Center Trends, Cloud Computing


Here is the last of the Trends highlighted in Mark Evanko’s latest and greatest AFCOM Presentation. We will keep posting from this presentation as it is a wealth of knowledge if you missed it in person! Take a look at Mark’s notes on Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing


A. Fast delivery of “IT” services including hardware, software, and network

B. Decreased capital cost of computer hardware, computer software, network, and facilities

C. “Instantaneous” increase in bandwidth planning

D. Decreased electrical utility cost and facility maintenance (assume off site)

E. Access to latest “refresh” of technology

F. Emerging technology

G. Internal vs. external clouds

H. Many vendors


A. Network security of information

B. Control of operation

C. Legal contract terms and conditions

D. Fees/costs associated with cloud

E. Definition of “total cost of ownership” of the cloud

F. Network/data center liability $$

G. Financial strength of “partner”

H. Candidacy of common platform application

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