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Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally, Continued…

We gave you 1 – 10 of the Global Data Center Enterprise Trends being observed in 2016, now here is #11 – 22 on Mark Evanko’s list from his latest AFCOM presentation:

11)Data center consolidation

12)Growing: The focus of risk to the enterprise/brand.

13)Continued focus on “short term” financials.

14)Board/trustee increased involvement in the data center enterprise solution.

  • Liability

15)A scalable/flexible/modular data center enterprise solution.

16)A heightened awareness:

  • Data center downtime
  • Data security breaches
  • Liability
  • Brand impacts

17)Communication/data transfer:

  • Immediate
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Learning

18)Current 2016+ (Uptime Institute 2016 Survey)

  • 71%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently sitting in enterprise data centers.
  • 20%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently sitting in colocation data centers.
  • 9%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently deployed in cloud.

19)Synchronous data replication of critical systems.

20)“Internal” OPEX costs (30 year) of data center enterprise solutions.

21)The use of “all” with data analytics.

22)Enterprise analysis of “hybrid” data center solutions.

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