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You just endured a large effort to convert to the Cloud…

You were promised big savings versus what it cost previously to host your own workloads. Now, you get your first bill. Any surprises?

How to accurately model expected Cloud Capacity & Network Bandwidth Fee’s & Charges

VAiLPLEX provides an ability to visually model the required target capacity (CPU, memory, disk, etc) and the network utilization required for both the preparation for the move (server/data replication, etc) as well as the workloads that will converse back to the original site until the completion of the move series. If a very chatty workload will be split across sites, the impact of this to the end-user (latency) as well as the network bandwidth capacity this will require must be understood.

For more information please email BRUNS-PAK at, or call 937-205-0792 for more information on how you can leverage VAiLPLEX to programmatically control and visually manage complex workloads and inter-relationships to prepare for data center transitions, consolidations, DR validation, Cloud migrations or daily operational IT infrastructure management.

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