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Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally

During his latest and greatest presentation, Mark took us through Global Data Center Trends. Today we will highlight the first 10 of those trends:

The “2016 and Beyond” Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally

1) Data center enterprise solutions are trending more to comprehensive “hybrid” solutions encompassing: – Cloud Computing (external and internal) – Co-location – Data center maintained facilities
2) “Non-critical” data center applications/data migrates to cloud/3rd party providers.

3) Significant focus on “data breaches” and the corresponding liability: – Where is data stored? – Who is liable? – What are the “liability” terms?

4) Impacts of government/regulatory agency laws associated with liability of data: – Healthcare – Banking/Finance – Retail – University – Non-Profit – Classified/Top Secret – Research – Military – Automotive/Electronics/Driverless Vehicles – Tax Returns/Social Security

5) Government/judiciary access to the “iPhones”.

6) Continued pressure on enterprise data centers to reduce “CAPEX” and optimize “OPEX”.

7) “Just in time” data processing expansion that minimizes delivery to enterprise.

8) Energy efficiency – DCIM

9) Deployment of high performance computing.


Next week we will release the trends 11-22 outline in Part I of Mark’s presentation. To view the complete presentation, sign up for our White Papers/Presentations!

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