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Data Center Enterprise Trends in 2016

Good Morning! We received incredible feedback from Mark Evanko’s presentation of “Data Center Enterprise Trends 2016” at the recent Data Center World conference in New Orleans. It is important for us to continue to present the information from this timely and relevant presentation to our clients, community members and Data Center facility decision makers. Over the next few weeks, we will break down Mark’s presentation in small parts so that we may post, share and highlight the information. Below is the summary of contents outlined in this presentation and the agenda so you can see what is coming! #datacenter #solutions

Data Center Enterprise Trends 2016 Learn about the most recent data center enterprise trends, which include: where to locate data centers, how to secure data and have provisions for financial and operational recovery in the event of a breach; “candidacy” of applications; total cost of ownership vs. risk; and updates to the 16 elements of a hybrid data center solution.


The “2016 and Beyond” Data Center Enterprise Trends Being Observed Globally
II. The Comprehensive Elements of the Data Center Solution Mix
III. The Provisions and Considerations That Enterprises Are Making to “Protect and Provide” Recovery in the Event of Downtime and/or a Data Breach
IV. The Exploration of Different Types of “Data” and The Impacts of Candidacy
V. The Reason Why Data Security Is So Important
VI. The Total Cost of Ownership vs. Risk Balance to Provide Best Practices for the Enterprise Data Center Solution
VII. Closing – Summary – Recap

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