In festive holiday spirit we’d like to share with all of you, 12 Days of Mark Evanko’isms! 12 Days of personal attributes, quotes and one liners from our one of a kind Principal, Mark Evanko!

Day 1: Today we would like to highlight the term in which Mark introduces himself in meetings, conferences, presentations etc: “Mark Evanko, a Paranoid Schizophrenic Conservative Engineer”

Day 2: Mark Evanko is a gentleman and does not use profanity. Here are some of our favorites: “We’re gonna be in deep sneakers!”
“He’s a Cone Head.”
“Tell him to go jump in a lake!”

Day 3 – how Mark expresses the chaos and uncertainty of the day to day:

“Its a Goat Rodeo”
“Its a Violent Doo Loop”
“I’m Confused”
Day 4 – I need to find out, in what context have these phrases been used? lol:
“If he fell off a turnip truck….”
“Strike Up The Band!”
“The dog married the cat.”
Day 5 – This one made the list twice:
“We want it cheap!”
“We like it cheap!”
Day 6 – Not kidding when he says hes paranoid:
“They’ll eat our lunch.”
“They will assassinate us.”
“I’m going to be in a firefight. Its going to be a war!”
Day 7– Steers his ship with positivity!
Congratulations! Thank You!
I’m having a great time.
Day 8 – Again some creative language to avoid using profanity:
Lord love a duck!
Horse Feathers!
Day 9 – afew more gems….
Share your vegetables!
This is a Torture Test.
We don’t want our guys upstairs hatching Walnuts….
Day 10 – You would hear these quite often in meetings:
I’m going to cancel all of my meetings…
The bottom line is….
I can run with this.
Day 11 – This was #1 on the list:
I’m not from Harvard but…..
Day 12 – My favorites:
Whats up?
He’s Wounded.
He has a knot in his shorts.