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12 Days of Merry Mark Evanko…isms

In festive holiday spirit we’d like to share with all of you, 12 Days of Mark Evanko’isms! 12 Days of personal attributes, quotes and one liners from our one of a kind Principal, Mark Evanko!

Day 1: Today we would like to highlight the term in which Mark introduces himself in meetings, conferences, presentations etc: “Mark Evanko, a Paranoid Schizophrenic Conservative Engineer”

Day 2: Mark Evanko is a gentleman and does not use profanity. Here are some of our favorites: “We’re gonna be in deep sneakers!”
“He’s a Cone Head.”
“Tell him to go jump in a lake!”

Day 3 – how Mark expresses the chaos and uncertainty of the day to day:

“Its a Goat Rodeo”
“Its a Violent Doo Loop”
“I’m Confused”
Day 4 – I need to find out, in what context have these phrases been used? lol:
“If he fell off a turnip truck….”
“Strike Up The Band!”
“The dog married the cat.”
Day 5 – This one made the list twice:
“We want it cheap!”
“We like it cheap!”
Day 6 – Not kidding when he says hes paranoid:
“They’ll eat our lunch.”
“They will assassinate us.”
“I’m going to be in a firefight. Its going to be a war!”
Day 7– Steers his ship with positivity!
Congratulations! Thank You!
I’m having a great time.
Day 8 – Again some creative language to avoid using profanity:
Lord love a duck!
Horse Feathers!
Day 9 – afew more gems….
Share your vegetables!
This is a Torture Test.
We don’t want our guys upstairs hatching Walnuts….
Day 10 – You would hear these quite often in meetings:
I’m going to cancel all of my meetings…
The bottom line is….
I can run with this.
Day 11 – This was #1 on the list:
I’m not from Harvard but…..
Day 12 – My favorites:
Whats up?
He’s Wounded.
He has a knot in his shorts.

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