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Request for Data Center Evaluation and Requirements Analysis

Hi there! Just wanted to share an observation…We get Requests for Information (RFIs) for all sorts of things over here at BRUNS-PAK, through our website.

But the most common (and our very favorite RFI) is when a Data Center needs a consultation. A brief conversation, or a once over…. usually an evaluation and requirements analysis. An evaluation defines what the data center facility is, explains the technical options and compares your facility to others in your industry. We look at Space, Capacity and Infrastructure. And the¬†Requirements Analysis determines how your business strategy will impact the facility requirements among other things.

With so many years of experience; our team has plenty of knowledge to share and there is never an obligation when you submit an RFI. But quite often, by the time your Data Center Decision Maker reaches out to us, you need help yesterday! And we are here just for that and we respond with blistering speed.

This is when our people upstairs at BRUNS-PAK can get involved and do what we do best….provide you with the latest and greatest Data Center Solution for your organization; and an inquiry becomes a trusted client relationship #thanks #datacenter #solutions

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