When it comes to Data Security, we are all concerned and interested. Of course we like to arm ourselves with the latest information to protect our data, however it is also important to understand what happens when a breach occurs. Most importantly, who pays?
  1. Federal data center efficiency legislation required – passed the United States House of Representatives March 14, 2014
  2. Senator Menendez – New Jersey – initiates damages / liabilities / penalties associated with the “Target” issue.  Ongoing March 2014
  3. The United States reaction and planning regarding future “Mr. Snowden” leaks to Wikipedia.
    • – Who Pays?
    • – What are the damages? – financial? – security? – both?
    • – Rights of NSA
  4. If my personal data is compromised, what are the fines?  Who pays?
  5. Government outsource contracts – Amazon with the CIA according to 60 Minutes???