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Part II The first 3 of The Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution. Facility Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency and Computer Hardware.

I. How do the “eighteen elements” combine to optimize the data center enterprise solution? – Total cost of ownership – Risk – Scalability – “Critical vs. non-critical” application data – Best Practices
II. The dominating theme of #10 – Communications/Network, #11 – Server Level Agreement, #16 – Legal Repercussions, #17 – Cybersecurity, and #18 – Compliance

1.Facility Infrastructure

  • A. Architectural
  • B. Civil
  • C. Electrical
  • D. Fire Protection (EPO Code Change) – Update NEC/NFPA vs. Factory Mutual
  • E. Mechanical – CFD Models
  • F. Security
  • G. Site
  • H. Structural
  • I. Geographic Regional Considerations… i.e. southwest hurricanes, west earthquakes, etc.

2. Energy Efficiency

  • A. ASHRAE 9.9 – Higher Inlet Temperatures  80° F  90° F  t of 20-25° F
  • B. Containment  Hot Aisle  Cold Aisle  Impact to people
  • C. DCIM  Gartner “Magic Quadrant”  Per data centre (UK) a. Reduction in costs b. Integration c. Valuable insights d. Increased productivity e. Environmental benefits 14Twitter:
  • D. CFD Models  Why  Updates
  • E. Submerged Data Center Solutions  Microsoft
  • F. Outside Air to Cool Data Centers
  • G. Virtualization of Servers
  • H. LEED – New Data Center Guidelines  Written to save “dollars” and be more green  Office of Management and Budget to create a strategy  DOE and EPA to study server and data center efficiency trends  New “data center energy practitioner program”  New “metrics”  Data center LEED guidelines – New – LEED v4 – October 2014 US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • I. Unity (close to) Power Factors on UPS Systems

3) Computer Hardware

  • A. Higher Efficiency
  • B. High Performance Computing (HPC) Continues to Dominate
  • C. New Flash Storage
  • D. Water Cooled to the Chip in 2016 and Beyond
  • E. 52” Deep by 30” Rack!!!
  • F. Non-Uniform Cabinet Distribution
  • G. “Submerged” systems in cooling

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