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Part I of “Data Center Enterprise Transformation 2017” Presentation

PART 1: The 2017 and Beyond Data Center Transformation

1) Data center “business as usual” continues to transform in 2017 at an accelerated pace
2) Enterprise data center solutions look for the most:

  • Flexible/expandable/scalable data center
  • Maximum risk aversion
  • Continuous compliance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Leveraging of the technology tools available and emerging
  • Minimization of personnel
  • Being best in class in a vendor neutral delivery
  • Zero (goal) downtime
  • *Financial/liability recovery to the enterprise

3) Types of data being directly categorized and mapped to compliance/security:

  • Type I, II, III, and IV  Production vs. test vs. development vs. DR

4) Dominating theme of 2017 and beyond:

  • Data security: Who maintains IT? Who is liable?
  • Compliance
  • Financial impacts
  • Cybersecurity

5) Why would board members, trustees, and/or government be concerned:

  • Gross negligence
  • SLA’s vs. recovery
  • Brand impact
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Recent (2016/2017) class action lawsuits

6) The role of 3rd party providers/partners:

  • Technical expertise/proficiency
  • Financial stability
  • Damages to be paid from a potential “event” – see contracts

7) Data breaches dominating 2016/2017 and beyond

8) The total cost of ownership opex vs. capex discussion

  • Trends 2017

9) Current 2016+ (Uptime Institute 2016 Survey):

  • 71%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently sitting in enterprise data centers
  • 20%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently sitting in colocation data centers (and growing)
  • 9%: Estimated percentage of all IT assets currently deployed in cloud

10)Transformative industries and their impacts:

  • Education remote
  • “Driverless” vehicles a) Personal b) Commercial
  • Banking
  • Food and delivery
  • Merchandise (brick and mortar)
  • Video conferencing vs. travel

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