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Data Centers, Moving Workloads to the Cloud, Cybersecurity and More

Good Afternoon! We received some great content from Brandon Evanko, Project Engineer at BRUNS-PAK. We asked Brandon for commentary after reviewing some 2017 Data Center Trend Summary articles. We think you will find it helpful, informative and a must read to kick off 2018!

“So in relation to 2017 Summary Trends and BRUNS-PAK…  As of recent there has been a large industry trend in migrating workloads from large enterprise data centers into the cloud.  The process and what applications can and can’t be taken into the cloud is still being refined as the cloud boom has really just started.  However, relative to BRUNS-PAK, understanding the bigger picture of what a data center encompasses is vital to being able to understand what you should and shouldn’t take into the cloud as far as your workloads.  BRUNS-PAK’s 18 elements allow clients to take into consideration the whole picture, not just relative to the cloud but to their whole enterprise. 

Inherently, the impact of moving workloads from the enterprise into the cloud is not limited to just the workloads themselves; it impacts your whole business strategy.  The logic of eliminating a need to have physical footprint (capex) and changing those costs to operating expense via cloud hosting is a financial decision that every C level executive across industries needs to understand.  Aside from this you have to look into the modularity, scalability and reliability of transferring those current workloads.  You have to have a strategy via the cloud or in the enterprise, especially with dynamically changing business needs that is not just for today but is for the future of your enterprise.  Without this understanding, you will handicap growth. 

Another relevant topic related to BRUNS-PAK’s 18 elements relative to the cloud is cybersecurity.  Cybersecurity is a reason why today, moving your most critical applications from an on-prem data center into the cloud is not advisable.  Data security on-prem as it stands now is more reliable than cloud security.  This is why the hybrid data center solution is so relevant in today’s day and age.  There are applications that you can offload into the cloud or a co-location facility but you need that centralized on-prem data center for you most critical applications.  Refining what that hybrid approach should be for your business is what BRUNS-PAK and our 18 elements allow organizations to do.  As opposed to your standard watts per square foot approach, we interpolate IT into facilities, nailing down the nitty gritty IT workloads so we can give you the most cost effective way to manage your data for again not only today, but for the FUTURE.”

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