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Data Center Service Level Agreements, Data Center Personnel and CAPEX vs. OPEX

The Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution. Elements 11-13

11) Service Level Agreements

A. Internal vs. external (client) based

B. Government imposed guidelines/performance (i.e. HIPPA, etc.)

C. Co-Location / Cloud – 2016/2017 transformation – fine print – who pays? – how much? – damages (Legal Beagles 2016/2017!!)

D. What does 99.999 availability mean to me when “I go down?”

E. Example – 3rd Party Provider – Contract 99.999 (32 seconds?) – What if I go down – Your Risk!!!

F. See Part III

12) Personnel

A. Employee vs. contract personnel

B. Data Breaches

C. The Staffing Costs

D. Why Not Outsource?  Share Personnel Costs with Others  Share Benefits E. Wiki Leaks

13) CAPEX vs. OPEX

A. CAPEX – Capital dollars spent to build/deploy data center across (18) elements

B. OPEX – Operating dollar “expense” to financial statements – very attractive

C. New trend of internal “OPEX” data center solution 2016 / 2017 / 2018

D. Cloud/Co-location OPEX?

E. Migration Cost – OPEX

F. Relocation Cost – OPEX

G. Network (Recurring) Cost – OPEX

H. Seed Equipment – CAPEX or OPEX

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