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Data Center Migration, Relocation, Reliability, Scalability and additional Elements

The Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution, this week we feature Elements 7-10:

7) Migration / Relocation

A. Move existing or buy/lease new?

B. Asset swap outs – seed equipment

C. General hardware life cycle ± 3-4 years?

D. Maximize uptime

E. Multiple phases

F. Consolidation strategies

G. Physical cost vs. planning costs (Larger)

H. Impacts of the network

I. Move it? – Plan to migrate back? – Resume update!! DANGER!!–Bowling tournaments-Fly Fishing-General Retirement?

J. Risk of Move  Existing  Co-location  Cloud

8) Computer Software

A. Continues emphases on large scale corporate “procurement” effort to leverage one (1) license where possible

B. Production (Critical) vs. Non-Production Software

C. SPOF Consideration

D. Examples:  Patient Care  Pharmacy  Surgical  Banking  Stock Trading  Grading  Diagnostics

E. Data Analytics – TREMENDOUS! 2017 and Beyond F. Tier I-IV Applications – Candidacy

9) Modularity / Scalability / Reliability

A. Optimize  Computer hardware  Computer software  Telecommunication (network)  Facilities  Service level agreements  Disaster Recovery  Cloud/Co-location/Container Scale with growth!

B. Defray CAPEX/OPEX dollars until needed across the board

C. Scale without interruption D. Reliability past/present/future E. In house vs. outsource

10) Communications / Network – Dominating 2017 and Beyond – #1 Factor Dominating

A. Redundant / isolated paths?

B. Multiple carriers

C. Data breach? Who pays? Significant dominant focus 2016 / 2017

D. Data security? Who is responsible?

E. – Hillary Clinton Server – “Chinese and Russians have everything anyhow” – WOW! – Classified Top Secret Emails? – “Pokémon”

F. The power of the cloud – iPhone®

G. Impact of network loss

H. Who manages the network?

I. Dominating the news media 2016/2017


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