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Data Center Disaster Recovery Services

September 2017

Dear Data Center Decision Maker:

Today’s “data centers” run the gamut from traditional large-scale facilities for business computing to web-scale IT and cloud-based applications.  Think one design/build firm can’t handle all of your data center needs?  Think again.

BRUNS-PAK has been designing and building data centers for over 37 years.  And our services have kept pace with the changing face of your data center and the evolving IT needs of your business.   Our team of IT and facilities professionals provide a total technology solution.  We offer data center infrastructure evaluation, design, and implementation to deliver the secure, cost-effective, efficient, and scalable storage platform you need.  What’s more, we provide IT strategic planning and implementation services to provide the comprehensive support you need to ensure your technology investment is delivering exceptional business results.  You see, over the years we’ve learned that IT/computing/storage and the infrastructure needed to support them go hand in hand.

The bottom line?  BRUNS-PAK can help you get to the heart of your cost and performance concerns and create the secure, cost-effective, scalable enterprise your current and future IT operations depend on.  J&J, CVS, Dell, Darden Restaurants, CSX, Nielsen Media, University of Miami, Great West Life, Harvard University, Tyson Foods, and University of Virginia are just a few of our clients that have utilized our IT methodology and approach for their modular/scalable data center ‘hybrid” solution.  Our 37 years on the front lines of data center evolution enables us to work with you on any challenge:

·Need to ramp up or scale back your traditional data centers?  Check.

·Considering ambient air systems to decrease energy costs?  Let’s talk.

·Looking at a “hybrid” approach to decrease your operating costs and increase scalability and responsiveness?  We’ll find the mix that’s right for you.

·Need to understand the real, long-term costs associated with migrating all or specific workloads to the Cloud?  We can help.

·Want enhanced protection against data breach?  We’re on it.

·How about help mining your data and turning it into actionable business processes or new products or services?  Done.

Now more than ever BRUNS-PAK is equipped to help you create an enterprise that is agile, secure, and cost-effective.  Think about it.  Under one roof – with a total technology solution – we can provide you with IT planning and implementation as well as facility infrastructure planning, design, construction, and commissioning.  Working with BRUNS-PAK brings you reliable options, alternatives, and cost projections to support your decision making and a proven partner when it’s time for implementation.

To find out how the BRUNS-PAK total data center technology solution can support you, call Paul Evanko, VP of Sales and Marketing, at 732-248-4455/888-704-1400 or email us at  We look forward to discussing your 2017 data center and IT strategy initiatives and supporting your IT/Facilities/C-level team in developing your optimized data center “hybrid” solution.

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