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Coffee Talk with a Data Center Engineer

Name: Brandon Evanko

Title: Project Engineer

Role at BRUNS-PAK: Brandon’s role in his words is basically a Hybrid between Operations, Sales and Business Development. He gets to take calls, work (learn) the technical side, and be a Brand Ambassador for the next generation of BRUNS-PAK.


Me: What do you love about what you do?

Brandon: There is a lot to love about what I do. There is the meaningfulness of carrying on the legacy of our family’s business. There is the technical nature of what we do…I am kind of a nerd at heart and I enjoy being an apprentice, learning the engineering…the ability to understand how to build a Data Center. Also there’s the love of being a part of something bigger than just me.


Me: What has been your favorite project to work on to date? Why?

Brandon: Would have to be the Design/Build of The Metropolitan District Commission’s Data Center. I was able and excited to see some of the Design stage and was onsite through Construction and commissioning.


Me: What is the most common pitfalls/issues you see from our clients when they come to BRUNS-PAK for our services or to your department?

Brandon: Probably the most common issue is when potential clients have failed to plan for the future capability of their Data Center. Many have built their Data Center for today and yesterday but have not planned for the future. They then have to look at Cloud vs. Security Issues, Tear Down etc. Company’s need to have a modular, scalable approach when thinking about design and build for a data center.  Data centers are inherently dynamic in how they change.  By allowing for modularity, you can piece together additional power and cooling without having to tear down the whole building and starting from scratch.  Designing for that modularity allows scaling to current business needs to go that much more smooth.


Me: Where do you see the future of Data Centers heading in the next 5 years or so? And beyond?

Brandon: I see a real progression in the utilization of renewable energy. I think in the future that the majority of power and Data Centers will be run by renewable sources.  Especially with major players such as Google, Apple and LinkedIn pushing the envelope in that regard, I believe that it will lead for all the other players to follow suit.  When technology catches up and allows renewable energy to be as efficient and cost effective as fossil fuels, data centers will have an extra incentive to go renewable.


Me: Common misconception of Data Center Engineers?

Brandon: I have to say that perhaps a lot of the stereotypes are pretty true. We’re not all anti-social but about 90% may be! I heard a joke that you can tell who is a Social Engineer cause when he talks he’s staring at your shoes not his own!


Me: What sets BRUNS-PAK apart from the pak? (see what we did there?)

Brandon: The ethical nature of BRUNS-PAK, the timely/prompt response to clients. Our reputation and track record. Also Mark Evanko President of BRUNS-PAK sets the tone and sets himself apart from the pack. I think its just how we do business… we are a smaller, privately held organization in which our clients can reach Mark or their point of contact at 8pm on a Saturday night for example. I think that resonates with people and they know that is valuable.


Me: Do you actually drink coffee?

Brandon: Yes, I have one cup of black coffee a day in the AM, then a pre workout caffeinated beverage to go to the gym called LIT or C4 in the evening.

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