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BRUNS-PAK’s Data Center Hybrid Solutions

Today’s data center environment presents serious challenges and opportunities to even the most prepared and competitive enterprises.  Projects have become much more complicated and therefore risky.  Not getting it right the first time can have a major impact on the bottom line of the enterprise, so now it is essential to address key topics like high-density server configurations, mobile applications, cloud computing, and sustainable design.  How do the best and most competitive enterprises in the marketplace define and implement a data center strategy to address these continually evolving demands? They turn to BRUNS-PAK.

BRUNS-PAK specializes in the design and construction of mission-critical data/telecommunication centers and building cloud architectures that work.  Our services help you plan, design, build and commission, bold, innovative, ultra-reliable facilities to support your IT infrastructures.  With a 98% repeat customer base and over 6,000 successful data center engagements spanning 38 years, no company can offer you a wider range of perspectives and options to address the future of your data center environment.  Our customers trust us globally with the future of their business, and we deliver.

Armed with BRUNS-PAK’S Hybrid Data Center Solutions, you can identify the challenges unique to your business and existing infrastructure and pinpoint the right mix of solutions that can meet those challenges.  From consolidation and renovation, to designing and building a new state-of-the-art facility, to providing modularity with containers and PODS, to co-location, or utilizing cloud technology for all or a part of your operations, we’ll design a multi-faceted, responsive, and cost-effective solution that’s suited to your organization – from both a functional and facility standpoint.  If your goal is to have an enterprise that can rapidly provision capacity to meet anticipated and unexpected surges in demand while supporting enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and security; we will get you there.

Since 1980, we have worked with IT and facilities executives all over the globe across many organizations, Academic, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Public Sector and deliver real business value every time by providing:

  • Data Center “Hybrid” Studies
  • Facility evaluations
  • Site/energy audits
  • New facility requirements analysis
  • New data center design & construction
  • Facility renovations/upgrades and consolidations
  • IT Strategic Assessment for selection of Hybrid Data Center Solutions
  • Relocation, migration, and network services
  • Co-location and Cloud Assessments
  • Cloud Candidacy and new architecture development
  • Fully Managed  and financed IT services.

Our customers and engagements have kept us on the forefront of technology advancements and data center evolution.  Being the go-to trusted partner allows us to devise and deliver versatile, industry-leading solutions.  Employing our professional’s fulltime, we mitigate a huge risk in our industry of avoiding mistakes made by untrained professionals.  Clients like Johnson & Johnson, Harvard University, CVS, Dell, Darden Restaurants, CSX, University of Miami, The State of Connecticut, Geisinger Health Systems, LA County, Great West Life, First Energy, and Dollar Tree all have partnered with us in order to entrust us with some of their most prized infrastructure decisions and builds.

BRUNS-PAK’s extensive cross-functional skill in information technology, data center design, capacity planning, energy management and LEED-certified design, engineering, construction and commissioning, co-lo, and cloud are unique in our industry. We have pioneered the integration of Heat Wheel, DCIM, 400v technology, and Cloud Candidacy to keep our client base ahead of their competition and TCO down.

If you have a green-lighted data center, co-location, or cloud project, take a few minutes to review the attached information and learn why BRUNS-PAK should be your design/build/technology/cloud partner.

If you’re beginning to explore how your enterprise could benefit from adopting a flexible, hybrid approach, we offer the “BRUNS-PAK Hybrid Data Center Study” along with the “Co-location Site Optimization Comparison Analysis” to help you create simplicity in a complex world.  It provides a fast path to strategies and approaches applicable to your existing infrastructure and IT platforms.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and create a technology environment that meets your exact business needs.


Paul D. Evanko
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
999 New Durham Road
Edison, NJ 08817
Ph: 732-248-4455; Fax: 732-248-3644; Cell: 732-754-1794


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