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Best Practices for Protecting Against Data Breaches

The list of substantial and incredibly costly data breaches grows every day. Target, Home Depot, Dairy Queen, and Ahold Supermarkets are some of the more well-known examples, but there are literally hundreds of other breaches that get far less attention. It all adds up to a huge problem for IT and data center professionals.

The impact of a breach is so substantial that the real question becomes, “How can I build the best plan to protect my valuable data?”

One of the best answers is to start with independent experts who can help you create a strategy for preventing breaches that is developed specifically for your organization and its needs. Much like snowflakes, the plan for preventing breaches must be unique to the vulnerabilities, compliance demands, and IT infrastructure of each firm. At BRUNS-PAK, we bring decades of experience and the cross-disciplinary knowledge necessary to build an effective plan to help prevent breaches.

In addition, BRUNS-PAK is not a vendor of security products or services that is trying to sell its own offerings, and will “manage” the strategic plan results to ensure recommendation of that solution. We are vendor neutral, and looking out for your best interest. In fact, we’ re so well known as an expert independent party that Gartner, Forrester, and IDC have all met with BRUNS-PAK to discuss this very important issue. This is a testament to the experience and broad knowledge of data center/IT issues that BRUNS-PAK brings to the table.

One of the most important aspects of our security evaluation process is to consider how co-location and cloud service providers can impact your organization. This information is integrated with the evaluation of your traditional on-premise data center. BRUNS-PAK’s holistic approach to security considers all of the issues that might impact your ability to prevent a breach; this is critical to a successful plan.

Getting started is easy. BRUNS-PAK experts will meet with you to develop a consultative approach based on best practices that will drive your ability to prevent breaches. Utilizing BRUNS-PAK’s leading-edge, 16-step approach, which provides a comprehensive framework for strategic data center issues, you’ll benefit from the best thinking in the industry.

Protecting your organization and infrastructure from data breaches is critical. Being protected starts with having the right plan. Too often, vendors are only attempting to justify why you should buy their product. A better approach is to engage BRUNS-PAK, an independent authority that is on your side, to build an effective plan against data breaches. Click here for our white paper on the topic, or you can contact Jackie Porr at 732-248-4455/888-704-1400 ext 111, or

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We’ ll look at how to effectively eliminate existing and potential hot spots in your data center with BRUNS-PAK expertise and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

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