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The 2014 Data Center Transformation

Welcome to BRUNS-PAK’s Mission Critical Data Center Blog. We hope to provide you with interesting and timely information to help you navigate the ever changing Data Center in your facility. With that said, lets shed some light on one of our clients most basic and pressing questions:


  1. Worldwide economic downturn from 2008 – 2014 to conserve capex spending – do more for less.
  2. The availability of the emerging co-location / cloud / container / disaster recovery strategies.
  3. The maturation of the total cost of ownership models (15 elements) revealing a “hybrid” solution (in many cases) that optimize return on investment while balancing risk (warning: risk models evolving 2014+).
  4. Improve the “quarterly bottom line” at all costs.
  5. In the private sectors, focus on the short term stock appreciation, is in many cases, priority one.

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