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The World Is Changing. Is Your Data Center Strategy Keeping Up?

The World Is Changing. Is Your Data Center Strategy Keeping Up?
Big Data. Hybrid Cloud. Edge Computing. Just a few years ago these concepts were being explored in the ivory-tower conversations of academics and bleeding-edge startups. Today, each technology has become a foundational building block for IT strategies designed to address the accelerated pace and scale of global business. Cloud computing has redefined the standards for cost-effectiveness, scalability and speed to market. Managed effectively, it can help IT departments ensure the enterprise achieves strategic value from the use of technology, regardless of where that technology resides and who owns it.However, integrating cloud technology with an existing on-premise and hosted services architecture requires different strategies and management practices to address unique governance, risk, compliance, security and reliability challenges.



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Cloud integration strategy and planning is just one part of a portfolio of services we offer to help customers plan and implement data center facilities that are energy efficient, flexible, resilient, scalable and recoverable.

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