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Cyber Security, Are You Really Secure?

Are you really secure?

2016-2017 Cyber Crime Costs are now projected to reach $2 Trillion per year

  • Cyber Security Bill for 2015: $75 billion spent, $300 billion lost
  • Three years ago, the The Wall Street Journal estimated that the cost of cyber crime in the U.S. was approximately $100 billion. The estimate disputed other reports which pegged the numbers by as much as ten times higher – Forbes
  • ‘Crime wave’ is an understatement when you consider the costs that businesses are suffering as a result of cyber crime. ‘Epidemic’ is more like it.
  • Cyber crime may be the single, greatest threat to every company in the world.
  • Grant Thornton, a global accounting advisory firm, has just released the results of their global survey on cyber security attacks. The total estimated cost of cyber security attacks over the past 12 months, in American dollars, is $315 billion. The findings are based on a survey of 2,500 international business leaders in 35 economies. Regionally, cyber security attacks cost Asia Pacific businesses $81bn in the past 12 months, while firms in the EU ($62bn) and North America ($61bn) are also counting the significant cost of attacks.

What can you do?

BRUNS-PAK has developed the most advanced, integrated cyber-security offering available to completely address hybrid-enterprise requirements




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