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Container Elements to consider in the Data Center Solution and more

Containers, Government/Corporate/University/NonProfit and Legal Repercussions to consider in the Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution

14) Containers

A. Speed to Market?

B. Regulatory Agency Review – AHJ Temporary vs. Permanent

C. Cost of Pre-Fabricated vs. “Stick Build”

D. ADA Compliance

E. Remove World Quality Control Issues

F. High Performance Compute vs. Work Flow

15) Government/Corporate/University/Non-Profit

A. Data Center Global Initiatives

B. The Impact/Goal of Being “Green”

C. Government Regulations to Continue to Roll-Out Regarding “Data”  Safety  Security  Liability  Storage

D. The Role of Downtime

E. Parallel – The “Drone” Legislation

F. “In the News”  Highlights each evening

16) Legal Repercussions

A. The most dominant theme of 2016 / 2017 data center optimization impacting in house vs. outsource

B. The 2016 “Reaction” of 3rd Party Provider “Contracts” (i.e. Cloud/Co-location Companies) to the Liability Issue – Example: $35 per sq. ft. per month to $350 per sq. ft. per month – Trend

C. Government fines – No More “Life Lock” – Good Luck!

D. Stockholder lawsuits

E. Individual lawsuits

F. Fiduciary responsibility

G. “Non-disclosed” trends

H. Mark Evanko – Data “permanently borrowed – see limited law school” – disqualified mortgage?


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