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Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Co-Location Highlight (Elements 4-6) from the Eighteen (18) Elements of the Comprehensive Data Center Solution

How do the “eighteen elements” combine to optimize the data center enterprise solution? – Total cost of ownership – Risk – Scalability – “Critical vs. non-critical” application data – Best Practices

4) Cloud

A. Managed services

B. Internal vs. external

C. Migration to the cloud

D. Migration Back?

E. Moves/adds/changes

F. Trouble shooting

G. True “partner” of equal financial stability

H. Downtime: Who Pays?

I. Security Breach: Who Pays?

J. Terms and conditions (Legal Beagles!!!) 2016+ in motion

K. Production vs. Test/Development
L. Applications Conducive to Cloud – General Common Platform – Candidacy

M. Where is My Data? Who Manages? Do You Care?

N. “New” 2016/2017 United States Legislation – “Company” Liability for Data

O. Speed to delivery of applications

P. The 2016 / 2017 contract language for cloud contracts

Q. Critical vs. non-critical data R. Moves/adds/changes S. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. If Interruption – What is Impact?

5) Disaster Recovery

A. Downtime Tolerance – critical  None to 2 days

B. Synchronous Data Replication  Impact to Data Center Facility Infrastructures  Hardware, Software, Network, and Personnel Consideration

C. “100 Mile” Disaster Recovery vs. Multiple “Regional” Recovery Centers

D. Testing

E. Testing of Disaster Recovery Plan

F. Government Regulations for Uptime

6) Co-Location

A. Leased data center constructed space

B. Capex schedule of delivery minimized

C. ROI – see total cost of ownership – 4+?

D. Other tenants? – Impact of security – Dominating 2016/2017

E. Downtime: Who pays? – Dominating 2016/2017

F. Security Breach: Who pays? – Dominating 2016/2017

G. Terms and conditions (Legal Beagles 2016/2017!!!)

H. “New” 2015 United States Legislation – Progressing – Class Action Lawsuits

I. Financial strength of service providers – see Cushman Wakefield survey of “economics” 2016 report – DANGER!

J. Moves/add/changes

K. New 2015/2016/2017 “Internal” Self Funded Co-location “Lease” Data Center Solutions



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