"BRUNS-PAK strives to be the data center industry leader in providing clients with ethical, technically-proficient, cost effective options and alternatives with well managed comprehensive solutions."

But, our customers do not build data centers for the fun of building data centers. They build them to keep commerce flowing, to manage cities, to teach students. And success is not measured by completion of a data center, but by having an IT and facility infrastructure that does it's job reliably.

Thus, our mission is grounded in a clear, customer-first philosophy that maintains a focus on what each client needs to achieve...not just for the data center buildout, but for when the center is up-and-running. Our legacy of successful projects reflects a relentless pursuit of complete satisfaction with our work, a pursuit that includes not only meeting technical specifications, but also meeting all timelines and budget objectives. Our commitment to customers means an unending commitment to keeping pace with an evolving industry. We maintain sophisticated REVIT and CADD facilities, physical planning technical libraries, networking and communications standards guides, and electrical/mechanical regulation guides, all to support worldwide implementation. We also participate in educational interchange programs with key business partners, including major equipment manufacturers, to ensure that our team can supply the knowledge required to manage jobs at any level and in any geography. Expanding our knowledge base is the only way to ensure that selecting BRUNS-PAK remains a guarantee of project success, and an opportunity to add another name to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Ultimately, BRUNS-PAK is a company of people working toward a common goal — a completed data center that meets or exceeds its specifications and that can “scale” with changing information technology conditions with minimum complexity and cost. And as a company, we are unified in the objective of reaching this goal in a manner that is as predictable, painless and transparent as possible for our clients.