Design / Engineering

Design does the following:

  • Defines the project in graphic (drawing) and written (specification) form.
  • Presents the client's technical requirements to the vendors and contractors in a format to facilitate competitive bidding. The details establishing the phasing for this project will be critical to the success of the project.
  • Allows further refinement of budget/capital forecast.
  • Accommodates classical design, bid, and construct methodology.

Translating a project’s vision into a deliverable data center means applying a complex set of engineering and design skills, while implementing the latest technologies to help clients predict implementation issues before they occur. As a leader in the evolution from traditional data center capacity estimates based on watts/sq. ft. to a dynamic plan for energy provisioning and heat dissipation based on specific installed technology, BRUNS-PAK has been a pioneer in the application of techniques such as CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling to help clients visualize data center thermodynamics under varying load conditions.

We ensure that clients understand the intricacies of infrastructure service, including floor loading and ceiling height, the implications of new management strategies including lights-out/low light operation, and the impact of new deployment processes such as evaporative cooling and airside/waterside economization or on-floor placement of electrical infrastructure and UPS devices. Thermal storage and solar/alternative energy sources continue to evolve as considerations.

The BRUNS-PAK Synthesis2 methodology applies proven engineering and design techniques to create plans that are detailed, manageable and reflective of all elements of the infrastructure build-out, including:

  • Architectural
  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection
  • Mechanical
  • Security
  • Site / Civil
  • Structural

BRUNS-PAK programs provide clients with alternatives for construction, including the use of modularization or industrialization, where appropriate; options that help clients clearly and effectively balance cost and risk. All project plans account for the role of code in the design/engineering, permit and construction processes, as well as the impacts to all current and planned hardware to be installed. Our design/engineering plans establish the phasing for the project while accommodating classical design, bidding and construction methodologies. Of importance, the BRUNS-PAK methodology can be adapted to any data center project, including expansion, retrofit or new construction projects.

Illustration: Sample data center computer power planning diagram