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Public. Private. Hybrid. Count on BRUNS-PAK to Help Devise a Data Center Strategy to Seamlessly Integrate Your Cloud Computing Demands.

By any measure, cloud computing has come of age. Gartner projects cloud computing will constitute a $149 billion market by 2014, and IDC estimates 70% of work done on new servers in 2014 will be performed on virtual machines. (i) Companies run entirely in the cloud, companies use cloud resources to handle traffic spikes, and enterprises leverage cloud resources on an as-appropriate basis for select services.

What is cloud computing?

According to NIST, “Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.” (Get the complete NIST definition document here.)

But a simple definition belies the subtle complexity of real-world cloud strategy. First of all, not all ‘clouds’ are created equal. Public clouds, private clouds (a corporate deployed private network) and hybrid clouds (a blend of public and private resources), are all operating today. Of course, for companies with decades of investment in IT resources and customized or proprietary applications and data workflows, going ‘full cloud’ is neither simple nor cheap. Large multinationals, banks and manufacturers often have thousands of applications running. In addition, concerns about data security, privacy and other legal considerations, make the decision to park data in web-accessible destinations complex.

And then the issue of reliability. One of cloud computing’s most visible providers, suffered an as-yet unexplained extended outage in April 2011, causing a number of high-profile customers extended downtime and untold headache, emphasizing that simply “deploying in the cloud” was not an instant cure for the traditional challenges of data center strategy.


Cloud is an Operational Model, not a Technology
Cloud: the new architecture of all applications
ITaaS: Everything IT will be “as a Service”
IT Services: from Expert Engagements to Fully Managed Services

Cloud computing offers tremendous benefits, if you choose the right technology and implement it correctly. Within the “if,” however, lie perils and pitfalls that many companies discover too late. At BRUNS-PAK, we help you avoid the Cloud’s many hazards by sharing our in-depth knowledge—gained from experience. As pioneers in Cloud implementations, we can help you chart a safe, smooth course to a Cloud solution that will meet your needs, fit your schedule, and deliver the ROI to make it worthwhile.

LowVoltage In Brief

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With BRUNS-PAK, you gain vital, hard-to-find skills earned over many years:

  • 300 years of collective experience taking legacy systems to the Cloud
  • 174 businesses brought to the Cloud at significant cost savings; including consolidation of 174 data centers into 2
  • Deep experience in Enterprise-Level Cloud technology Service License Agreements (SLAs)
  • Dozens of smoothly implemented and reliably operating Cloud solutions
  • Veteran IT professionals fully certified in key Cloud-related technologies and processes
As-a-Service Solutions

We help you convert locally managed functions to Cloud-based services available on demand, including:

  • Software (Saas)
  • Business Information/Analytics (BAaaS)
  • Platform (PaaS)
  • Business Process (BPaaS)
  • Infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Archiving (AaaS)
  • Data Management (DMaaS)
  • Collaboration/SharePoint® (CaaS)
  • Security (SecaaS)
  • Telephony/Call Center (TaaS)
  • Portfolio/Project Management (PMaaS)
  • Contract & SLA Management (CMaaS & SLA MaaS)

Professional Services

Whether you come to us with a new business idea, want to move an existing function to the Cloud, or need help debugging or upgrading existing Cloud solutions, we can help. Our professional services include consulting, implementation, and management in the following areas:

  • Security Assessment & Planning
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Hardware, software, and hosting selection
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Ongoing Solution Management
  • IT Processes (ITIL)
  • Data Center Consolidation, Move, Relocation
  • Cloud Candidacy (Private, Public, Hybrid, Co-Lo)
  • Solution Roadmap IT 3-5 year Strategy Development
  • User interfaces
  • Contracts and services level agreements
  • Service Desk (Assessment/Planning, Implementation)
  • Analytics Strategy, Planning and Development

Because we’re a vendor-neutral company, we won’t steer you to a particular technology provider. Instead, we’ll work with you to find a best-fit solution for your needs and budget.

The BRUNS-PAK Approach

At BRUNS-PAK we understand the drivers of cloud demand and the levers to success in cloud deployment, including:

  • Server and application consolidation
  • High-volume remote access
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Rapid application prototyping and deployment
  • User-generated content programs
  • Virtualization
  • Traffic shaping and load optimization
  • Elastic storage
  • On-demand server provisioning
  • Mirroring and redundancy
What Our Customers Say About Us

“I was on the verge of terminating the CIO and his team because he made Cloud decisions that hamstrung my business. BRUNS-PAK very quickly stepped in and corrected our strategy and our business benefited greatly from engaging them.” CEO of a Financial Services Company, Denver, Colorado.

(i) “The Cloud:  Battle of the Tech Titans”. Bloomberg BusinessWeek Online.