Single Point of Failure Assessment

Are you prepared for your data center to be brought down by lurking Single Points of Failure?

A Single Point of Failure (SPoF) is a single, and sometimes small event or failure,  of a single infrastructure component that can halt your entire data center operation. A data center without an up to date or accurate short circuit coordination study can be susceptible to a cascading electrical failure. Often times, the actual outage associated with these failures are not long lasting, however, due to the logistics and processes involved in restoring data center services, the impacts of these outages could several hours longer.

Our deliverable provide you with a risk matrix that categorizes the impact and likelihood of every potential SPoF that is discovered. Our ranking system immediately surfaces the trouble points with the most potential to take out your operations, allowing you to prioritize the repairs and plan for capital expenses.

Identifying critical risk in a risk management matrix with the purpose of changing them.