Data Center Colo/Cloud Service Provider Solutions

Quantum (DC)

The accelerated path to affordable, high-performance data center facilities

BRUNS-PAK Quantum (DC)™ is a configurable package of services for the accelerated consultative planning, design, engineering, construction and commissioning of data center based facilities. Designed to support the unique needs of data center service providers, Quantum (DC) delivers faster turn-to-lease time while reducing the burdens of local permitting and contracting, and minimizing the risks associated with the creation of dedicated, single-tenant building and multi-tenant flex facilities.

Our proven services methodology integrates an end-to-end portfolio of services for planning through commissioning, all from a single source, to deliver robust infrastructures on time and on budget. A field-provides end-to-end management process provides complete visibility into critical project parameters, and includes the industry's only cost-managed pricing program allowing building owners to avoid cost overuns while ensuring delivery-to-spec. BRUNS-PAK's experience includes over 6,000 successful data center customer engagements, providing an extensive knowledge base for both complex facility planning and final customer build-out support.

  • Comprehensive design through commissioning service portfolio
  • Management of all local code compliance, permitting and services contracting
  • Proven project management methodology includes administrative and on-site construction management
  • Management of all project KPIs including final delivery costs, with support for real time change orders
  • Flexible consulting services to support customer-centric planning of suite build-outs and operational management
  • Design for sustainability programs covers site selection through integration of best-of-breed energy utilization strategies and construction for LEED certification
Evolving Trends. Emerging Demand.

Big data. Mobility. Application diversity. These are just some of the trends driving accelerating demand for scalable, resilient computing capacity that is forcing enterprises to rethink their approach to the development of IT infrastructure. The data center remains the heart of any organization's technology environment, but constructing a high-availability, high-performance data center requires delicate balancing of current and future requirements, capital and operating expenditures, and ever-widening technical skillsets. Added to this is the rapid adoption of cloud computing strategies that offer a low-capital approach to rapidly scalable computing, but introduce additional complex integration into hybrid environments. This evolving web of requirements is fueling demand for outsourced data center services, including: colocation and wholesale data center offerings, managed/dedicated hosting and cloud computing services. Outsourcing options promise to reduce the cost and complexity of building and maintaining IT infrastructure while delivering uniquely versatile options for expansion. However, for data center service providers, the challenge is how to design and commission world-class facilities that are both technically-advanced and rapidly-commissionable, while navigating the myriad of local permitting and regulatory challenges facing each project? Equally important, how do you stay ahead of evolving technology trends and support efficient fit-out for individual tenants supporting diverse equipment, networking and demand profiles? 

Quantum(DC): Accelerating Data Center Design/Build

With a legacy of over 6,000 completed data center engagements throughout North America, spanning technologies, complexity and methodologies, BRUNS-PAK is the data center industry's leading data center consulting and design/build company. We have proven expertise at helping clients strategize, implement and commission innovative, resilient solutions for mission-critical data center infrastructures that support operations in an always-on world flooded by data and demanding information connectivity through an ever-expanding array of devices. BRUNS-PAK Quantum (DC) is a configurable package of services for the accelerated consultative planning, design, engineering, construction and commissioning of data center base facilities. Designed specifically to support the unique needs of data center service providers, Quantum (DC) delivers faster turn-to-lease time while reducing the burdens of local permitting and contracting, and minimizing the risks associated with the creation of dedicated, single-tenant building and multi-tenant flex facilities. BRUNS-PAK's Quantum (DC) program is structured to help data center service providers create facilities that balance the critical performance characteristics of a modern, outsourced data center including:

  • ultra-reliability
  • environmental responsibility
  • energy efficiency and LEED certification
  • power availability and efficient distribution
  • hybrid (cloud, colo, on-premise) architecture compatibility
  • rapid tenant build-out and provisioning
Building Success

BRUNS-PAK Quantum (DC) leverages our history of innovation and deep understanding of the dynamics of data center utilization in secure, cloud-inclusive, data driven, environments. To deliver an optimal performance, economy and reliability balance, our engineers routinely integrate progressive technologies such as:

  • heat wheel systems and airside or waterside economization strategies to drive annual power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratings under 1.2
  • massively modular/pod architectures organized around a purpose-built common core designed to scale rapidly with demand and without service disruptions
  • optimized hybrid architectures leveraging on-premise, colo, managed hosting and cloud resources

We understand that high performance, at-scale operation in facilities supporting 5-20 MW power density or higher means applying a complex set of engineering and design strategies. For example, BRUNS-PAK pioneered the transition of data center capacity estimates based on watts/sq. ft. to dynamic energy provisioning and heat dissipation calculations based on installed technology. For data center service providers planning structural shells, this expertise can be applied to devise engineering plans that support diverse potential workloads and facilities impacts. Quantum (DC) plans balance all critical considerations for data center effectiveness and efficiency, appropriately adapted for either single-tenant or multi-tenant occupancy:

  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Maintainability
  • Right Sizing
  • Expandability
  • Energy Efficiency

Detailed, manageable engineering plans cover all aspects of the infrastructure build-out, including:

  • Architectural
  • Communications
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection
  • Mechanical
  • Security
  • Site
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Low Voltage
  • AV
  • Wireless

Quantum (DC) programs include comprehensive management of the design/build process, including full accounting, local codes and regulations, permitting, project phasing and bidding. Services can include comprehensive on-site Construction Management through flexible Construction Administration. BRUNS-PAK's design/build methodology utilizes extensive documentation to minimize client risk during construction, and introduces constructability considerations early in projects to avoid costly delays and change orders on-site. We employ open book project delivery and accommodate project specific requirements such as pre-purchase of long-lead products and equipment. On-site tools for punch list management are employed to verify that work conforms to contractual obligations while maintaining the integrity of the design plan. Finally, a thorough commissioning process, including client personnel training, pre-functional checklist and functional performance testing, helps bring projects to completion. From proposal through design, build and commissioning, we help clients understand all project costs, and our project teams rigorously adhere to the established budget throughout execution. We remain one of only companies in the design/build industry to offer clients end-to-end, proposal through commissioning, managed budget programs for complex data center projects.

Expert Build-Out Support

Whether the final building is a dedicated, single-tenant project or a versatile multi-tenant shell, the ultimate objective for every data center service provider project is an occupied, functional data center. BRUNS-PAK can support facility build-out through expert services for data center configuration and implementation. The BRUNS-PAK proprietary Synthesis 3.0 consultative methodology provides a framework for IT-focused strategic planning, cloud integration and hybrid infrastructure services design that make optimal use of available facilities while accounting for current and future IT workloads. This service can be offered to help the tenant ensure best-use of the leased space. Specialized services such computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling help clients visualize data center thermodynamics under varying application loads. We can ensure that clients understand the intricacies of infrastructure service, including floor loading and ceiling height, lights-out/LED lighting operation, advanced cooling strategies, 400V AC/DC power distribution and DCIM integration with building management systems (BMS).