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Renovate? Expand? Collocate? Containers? Cloud???

When it comes to data centers, one size does not fit all. Navigating through the maze of options and endless considerations to determine a design/build alternative that brings risk and cost into balance is not easy. Through exclusive access to influential BRUNS-PAK white papers and thought-provoking presentations shared at global data center conferences, summits and workshops, you’ll uncover the key determining factors for assessing your current facility needs in order to identify the best solution for activating a highly efficient, hybrid data center that satisfies the diverse priorities of stakeholders, trustees and taxpayers alike.

By taking an engineer’s inside look at new technology and trends shaping the evolution of the data center, CIO’s and facilities managers can acquire new processes and metrics for building a scalable, modular complex that maximizes both short and long-term investments.
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Mark Evanko AFCOM Fall 2014 Presentation Mark Evanko AFCOM Spring 2014 Presentation Mark Evanko Presentation AFCOM Spring 2013 Mark Evanko Presentation NJTC December 2013 TRD4.1 Data Center Hybrid Solution 2013 Mark Evanko
Workshop 3 Considerations Data Center New Solution Mark Evanko Mark Evanko AFCOM Spring 2016 Mark Evanko AFCOM Fall 2016 Presentation  Mark Evanko Data Center Enterprise Transformation 2017