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Data Center Trends; The Data Center Facility

Per Mark’s recent presentation at AFCOM Data Center World National Harbor 2015, we wanted to break out some Trends weekly here on our blog, just as we did the 16 Elements of the Data Center Hybrid Solution.

Mark outlines a Plus and Minus approach for each trend topic. The hope is that a combination or customized solution can be built for each and every organization and their specific/unique needs.

First up…The Data Center Facility


A. Complete ownership of Hardware, Software and Network

B. Self provisioned Security

C. Self provisioned Operations

D. Control of overall short/long term “16 Element Solution”

E. Control of change management

F. Direct costs for change management

G. Self reliability

H. Internal self financing



A. Larger CAPEX cost

B. Non-leveraged non-critical applications

C. Reliance on employee operation

D. Larger employee cost/commitment

E. Potential provisioning space/power/cooling for short term facility solutions


Next week Co-Location!


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