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The demands associated with efficiently processing data in a cost effective and secure fashion continue to evolve.  Enterprises/institutions are faced with competing interests as to where data should be processed and managed.  Additionally there is increased industry focus on data security, as well as how to best distribute expenditures between OPEX vs. CAPEX.

BRUNS-PAK has developed a data center, cloud, hybrid, and co-location workshop which provides organizations a “vendor neutral” insight into trends in the industry.  The workshop is intended to gather the client’s existing information technology characteristics in order to provide general conceptual strategies moving forward.

In the marketplace of 2016 and beyond, how may the following elements and considerations be leveraged to provide an optimal solution?

  • Data Center
  • Cloud
  • Co-Location
  • Network
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • OPEX
  • Risk

The focus of the workshop is intended to be limited in duration and designed to provide clients with the latest industry trends – specifically, best practice trends delivered in a vendor neutral approach.

The deliverable will provide customers with a suggested roadmap for the future to deliver data center services to the enterprise/institution in a cost effective, proficient, secure, and scalable fashion.  Clients may leverage BRUNS-PAK’s thirty seven year, 5,500 data center project experience as a recognized forefront technology leader.

The one (1) day on site workshop will feature subject matter experts on:

  • Data Center Facilities
  • Cloud Computing
  • Co-Location Facilities
  • Networking

The defined BRUNS-PAK process of orchestrating the data center “sixteen elements” provides the vision for the “next step” data center strategy.

For more information, please contact Mr. Paul Evanko, VP of Sales & Marketing at / Ph: 732-248-4455 or Mr. Casey Slonkosky at / Ph: 937-205-0792.  See BRUNS-PAK