Define “Total Cost of Ownership”?

  1. Total cost of ownership for data center solution includes the “fifteen (15) elements”:
    • – Year 1 capex costs
    • – Year 1 maintenance costs
    • – Year 1 opex (lease costs)
    • – Projected annual capex/maintenance/opex costs
    • – Security/liability/downtime risks
  2. Different model in the 2014 data center transformation solution from the historic:
    • – Data center facility solution only vision
  3. Should I minimize capex investment at all costs?
  4. Should I entertain corporate / university / healthcare / institutional risks based on probability?
  5. Should I develop an “internal” opex solution?
  6. How do I assess “risk” in the total cost of ownership “model”?
  7. If I am a CIO, do I maximize opex, maximize risk, and look for a career change???
  8. The vision is comprehensive.